Always Refer a Packing before Loading Guide

Always refer to the packing before loading guide whenever you need to pack and move your goods and belongings. This will help you pack all types of items without damaging any of them. These moving guides are available online. Special guides are also available for packing and moving special items like your pets.

Here are some tips from a packing before loading guide:

1. Plan the packing in advance. Do not postpone it to the moving date. Complete packing one day before moving.

2. Arrange for the packing material like heavy duty cartons, newspapers, tapes, scissors, notepads, felt markers, ropes, heavy, and duty blankets.

3. Separate the dangerous goods and the throw away goods from the others.

4. Wrap the fragile and breakable items in paper and given proper cushioning with newspapers, foam and cartons.

5. Drain out the waters from the air conditioners, dish waters and other appliances where water can accumulate.

6. Cover the edges of TV, refrigerators, and beds with the cartons to prevent scratches while loading/unloading.

7. Use boxes that are not very large. Do not overfill them. Label them as well.

8. Do not send your valuables, like jewelry, with the goods. Use the security mail or carry them in person.

9. Keep the heavier items at bottom in carton and the lighter ones on top. Properly cushion each item.

10. For loading truck, number the cartons/items in the order that you want it to be placed.

The packing before loading guide is available on the internet. You may also require a moving guide for reference. For the first timers, these could make the difference between safety and damage to your loved belongings.

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